• Orient is the only domestic producer of Nigrosine in North and South America.
  • Highly regarded for its excellent quality throughout the world.
  • Suitable for inkjet inks, ball point pen inks, solvent marker pen inks, water sign pen inks, industrial inks, ribbon inks, carbon paper, shoe polish, phenolic resin, polyamide resin, urea resin, lacquers, varnishes, wood stains and leather.

    Nigrosine Base Series Data Sheet 
    Orient Nigrosine Base SAP Solvent Black 7
      SAPL Solvent Black 7
      EEL Solvent Black 7
      ER Solvent Black 7
      BR CONC Acid Black 2
    Orient Spirit Black AZ Solvent Black 5
      SZ Solvent Black 7

**Our new Nigrosine line includes colorants for plastics suitable for:  PA 6, PA 66 , PC, etc.
      New Nigrosine Catalog