eBIND® Series

eBIND® is a colorant developed for Laser Transmission Welding, a new method for joining plastics.

These colorants allow two plastic layers to be welded together by passing a laser beam through the layers and forming a melt pool between them.

eBIND® LAW Series

(Master Batch for Laser Absorption)

Absorbents for Laser Absorption Material

  • Uniform light and heat conversion.
  • Deep melt pool.
  • Allows for wide range of welding conditions.

eBIND® LTW Series

(Master Batch for Laser Transmission)

Colorants for Laser Transmission Material

  • Acts as a filter which shades visible light and carries out an infrared penetration.
  • Has a negligible effect on the mechanical properties of the plastic.
  • The composition of each LTW product changes with the polymer used.

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